I met th11821249_873040636111644_92641224_ne Doll Sisters at the Folk Music Alliance Conference in Kansas City in February of this year. They were just playing in the lobby sounding amazing. Come to find out,  these ladies are from Alberta Canada and are making quite a name for themselves. Jenna Leigh Doll & Shelby Doll are incredible musicians and vocalist playing “Celtic Americana”. They were awarded as the 2015 Emerging Arist of the year at the Edmonton Folk music Festival. We’re proud to have the Doll Sisters on FAVUnite. Join FAVUnite and get to know the Doll Sisters and get the Doll Sisters to get to know you by becoming one of their favorite fans.

To start your Doll Sisters community on FAVUnite, go to FAVUnite.com, create a profile, upload your pic and earn reward points immediately.  The Doll Sisters rely on thier fans to come to shows, buy their music, and spread the word. It’s true #whenfansrulemusicwins.  Here is a video by @thedollsisters you can share with your friends. Enjoy! Off the Edge of the Earth by The Doll Sisters

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