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EarKandie Model Academy: Building confidence in Youth

Posted on November 29, 2016

Ms. Iyawarun Owner of EarKandie Model Academy
Ms. Iyawarun Owner of EarKandie Model Academy

Cover of FABUtainment Magazine November 2016

FAVUnite member Bosede Iyewarun is the Founder and CEO of EarKandie Model Academy. The academy provides youth and adults the opportunity to become educated in the art of etiquette and professionalism. The academy opened its doors on June 27, 2016 and students began to register aspiring models immediately.

2016 has been a phenomenal year for Ms. Iyewarun. Her line of custom jewelry called EarKandie Poparazzi debuted at this year’s Kansas City Fashion Week in October. On November 12th Ms. Iyewarun had an incredible event, the 5th Annual EarKandie Fashion Extravaganza and was attended by hundreds of EarKandie fans.  Now Bosede Iyewarun has graced the cover of FAVUnite member, FABUtainment Magazine’s November 2016 issue.

Uplifting youth is near and dear to the heart of Bosede Iyewarun. In fact the extravaganza raised funds for the Kansas City Boys and Girls choir. The choir performed that night with FAVUnite CEO Bukeka Blakemore, and performed an inspiring selection that touched audience members. In typical Bosede Iyewarun fashion, members of the audience who wanted to strut their stuff were invited to walk the runway as a sign of their own confidence and self expression.

EarKandie Model Academy’s mission is to provide individual, career specific skills and techniques and to teach through a safe and supportive environment for the student to learn, grow and explore their talent. Through Cat-Walking, Posing, and Casting skills, you will gain the tools and practice techniques that will strengthen your modeling ability and open up your self expression and self confidence. If you are interested in learning how to build your modeling skills or would like to sponsor someone with modeling potential call EarKandie Model Academy at 913-490-6454

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EarKandie Modeling Academy-Building a better tomorrow in our youth.

FAVUnite #whenfansrulefashionwins-wearethenext-generation.

#EKMA's first class of graduates

Debuting as EarKandie Model Academy’s first graduating class

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