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Next Generation: AY Young is Fully In Charge

Posted on December 10, 2016

The AY Musik Project


Battery Tour Performance



On Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza you’ll likely see a group of people listening to live music. If that group is gathered around AY Young and Christian Jay Robinson aka Battery Tour they’re doing more than listening. Battery Tour fans are dancing, laughing, singing and telling other people via social media about this “boy band pop group” who are captivating and talented.

Batter Tour was founded in 2012 performing music by some of their favorite artists. Christian’s inspired performances of Michael Jackson makes you feel you’re in hands reach of the King of Pop himself. AY’s moves and vocal abilities are making a move of their own.  A native of Kansas City, Missouri AY has performed in over 100 tour and college shows, opening for the likes of Aaron Carter, T-Pain and more. He was also on the X-Factor television show and got 4 “yeses” from the celebrity judges. But there is a lot that the world has not seen yet, from this very high energy performing artist.

Batter Tour Performance


AY now lives in the Los Angeles area but is not leaving his Kansas City roots behind.  He has big plans for his career. He also plans to effect change within the Kansas City music industry landscape. “I actually just put together an entire album that I just finished and releasing on January 2, (2017) called “Listen Local”.  The album content will tell the story about being a musician in Kansas City.  It is clear he wants to see Kansas City with a music industry infrastructure to support the diversity of incredible talent who live here but have to make a living somewhere else.

In our interview he talked about the importance of social media and extending entertainment dollars to talent brokers willing to use it. AY calls out music gatekeepers in Kansas City to “become part of the social media development of 2016”. He thinks to not do so, stifles Kansas City from being know as a music entertainment hub and it certainly does not engage millennials. “If you don’t have a Snap Chat account, you shouldn’t be doing this” he says.

Battery Tour Performance

By the people, for the people and with the people

AY is here to give the people what they want. Seeing him perform could be just inspiring enough to change your life. He is full of energy and probably doesn’t even buy into the theory of I’ll sleep when I’m dead. AY is inspired by Walt Disney and people who express great artistry.

Walt Disney took mainstream to a level the world had never seen before. AY feels strongly that Kansas City needs a Top 40 mainstream artist. FAVUnite strongly believes that AY Young is ready for the gig.  Join AY and become a member by going to today. Create a profile and build a fan-based community around your favorite artist. Earn reward points. 10 for joining and 25 for every person you engage.   #whenfansrulemusicwins-wearenext-generation.

BTW I’m now a proud user of Snap Chat! BukekaStyle.

Battery Tour Performance




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