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FAVUnite stands for FANS, ARTISTS, AND VENUES UNITE! FAV UNITE utilizes the power of social media to globally connect interactions between loyal music fans, to their favorite independent music artists and venues. As a result, artists gain additional wage earnings and venues contribute to the economic growth and development of their communities.

Our social media platform gives fans who desire access and connection, an opportunity to become visible and gain access to the artists they love. With FAVUnite independent music artists belong to a marketing and promotion community that allows them to spend more time doing what they love. The music venues where artists are seen and heard benefit by showcasing the artists who fans have decided they want to see and hear more of. We have a fantastic group of partners. Fabutainment, KC Cafe Radio, Sillymoneyrecords, and others who are excited the FAVUnite family.

Each time users promote thier favorite FAN, ARTIST, or VENUE points are awarded and those points aid the user in gaining greater access to one another. We are currently working to customize the site to allow users to see the points they’ve been awarded. Join as a fan today and tell us who your favorite artist or venue is and earn 10 points. Once the site upgraded your points will be visible on your profile page. Thaank you for visiting FAVUnite. #Whenfansrulemusicwins.

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